No doubt that the exchange set up a new record and brought the transformation. However, this new record came with some downsides and Huobi platform was charged with allegations of insider trading, frauds and scams. The exchange platforms determine the future of the IEO trend and the competition pace. Their approach to selection criteria and due diligence matters for the projects in terms of gaining investors’ attention. As a result, STOs emerged as a solution to the issues that occurred because of ICOs. At the same time, a new approach called Initial Exchange Offering came as an appealing opportunity to raise capital in a secure and efficient way. They provide an extra layer of security and trust that ICOs lacked in the past. Initially, the primary medium of fundraising for blockchain projects was the Initial Coin Offering. Hundreds of ICOs emerged after the first ICO launch in 2013 by MasterCoin. No direct link is there between smart contracts and a team of the project.

initial exchange offering

Furthermore, tokens purchased in ICOs returned an average of 12.8 times on the initial investment in dollar terms. In some cases, a company sets a specific goal or limit for its funding, which means that each token sold in the ICO has a pre-set price and that the total token supply is static. Initial Coin Offerings are a popular fundraising method used primarily by startups wishing to offer products and services, usually related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Exchanges take fees because they provide services such as a trading platform, legitimacy, marketing, advising, and legal protection. An Initial Exchange Offering or IEO is an evolution of the Initial Coin Offering or ICO. While anyone in the world is able to start and participate in an ICO, the IEO is more restricted. In an IEO, a centralized exchange serves as a platform for a project’s initial sale of tokens.

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It is a new way of crypto-banking that is steadily attracting the interest of traders across the globe. This is a unique type of approach where the exchanges act as a middleman/broker between contributors and projects. If 2017 was the year of the ICO , 2019 may prove to be the year of the IEO. You need to register on the exchange and verify your account by passing the KYC/AML procedure. BitTorrent IEO launched via Binance Launchpad.The first large-scale IEO was notorious BitTorrent launched by TRON via Binance Launchpad in January 2019. Almost 60 billion BTT tokens were sold out in minutes and raised approximately 7.2 million USD. There is a concern about bots that can be programmed to participate in IEOs and beat out human investors. There has been many complains from investors that not everyone manages to purchase tokens during IEOs. The IEO project teams are neither anonymous nor fake, so they won’t disappear after collecting your funds. Although exchange-assisted ICOs were a thing for a while now, IEOs started to gain traction after the launch of Binance Launchpad at the end of 2019.

How safe is the trust wallet?

3 Best Cryptocurrency ExchangesCoinbase. Founded in 2012, Coinbase is hands-down one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges with more than 50 cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin, Ripple, and Dogecoin.
Binance. With Binance, you can invest in crypto coins and altcoins that don’t have as much competition as cryptocurrencies.

Registered broker-dealers must be members of self-regulatory organizations like the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. . Both ATS and national securities exchanges provide legal protections designed to prevent fraud and safeguard investors. We offer turnkey IEO marketing services consisting of social media marketing, public relations, community management, fundraising, and more. Our IEO marketing services are organized and run by an in-house team so you can access strategy, analytics and results through a single point of contact. We want you to focus on building your product while we work for you to grow your community and generate the strong support it needs to achieve a successful initial exchange offering.

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With the help of crypto exchange, projects manage to get significantly more exposure, interest, and credibility. After a successful IEO, the token issuers pay a listing fee along with an agreed amount of tokens for the use of IEO platform services. Soon, the tokens are listed on the exchange where investors can access instant liquidity. As the token sale is conducted on the exchange’s platform, token issuers have to pay a listing fee along with a percentage of the tokens sold during the IEO. In return, the tokens of the crypto startups are sold on the exchange’s platforms, and their coins are listed after the IEO is over.

For example, listing fees can go as high as 20 BT and that some exchange platforms may take even a 10% cut from the tokens sold during the fundraising campaign. That’s why startups looking to launch an IEO should be aware of its cost and count it all into their budgets. So, startups launching their IEOs require a lower marketing budget than if they decide to go with an ICO. Moreover, token issuers can take advantage of the exchange’s stable customer base to receive more contributions to their projects. It is a red flag if the IEO and its participants, including the online trading platform, do not address or discuss the applicability of the federal securities laws. The past few years have seen opportunistic fraudsters take advantage of the quickly evolving investment space around digital assets, “cryptocurrencies” and ICOs to conduct fraudulent schemes. The development of IEOs provides a similar opportunity for fraudsters. IEO, Initial Exchange Offering is an evolutionary crowdfunding model. IEO’s emerged as a secure fundraising system, where ICO’s failed to succeed. In the case of ICO’s, the company directly approaches investors to raise funds whereas, in IEO, the company approaches a cryptocurrency exchange.

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So in case, the project is a scam, they do not guarantee to return your money. Also, you do not have to ignore the crypto exchange platforms’ vulnerabilities to hackers’ attacks. In case you do not have an account in that crypto exchange you have to create an account and fund it with the cryptocurrencies that are accepted. After that, you are ready to buy tokens and participate in the IEO. Another major criticism of IEOs is that they help centralise offerings of digital assets in the hands of exchanges. 3) The smart contract is operated by the company or startup conducting the ICO token sales; In the case of IEO, it is the cryptocurrency exchange that operates the smart contract. Two years ago, incredible fortunes were being made through the Initial Coin Offering craze. Now that this type of token offering has been wiped out by the SEC, IEOs are a very welcome opportunity for crypto projects to raise funds again.

For a user, an IEO is easy to participate in as they don’t need to manage on-chain transactions with different wallets on different blockchains. Instead, a user only needs an account on the exchange and some funds in their account and can participate completely through the trusted website’s interface. Additionally, the exchange is staking its reputation behind the projects on its platform, offering a higher degree of trust behind the project. An Initial Exchange Offering, commonly referred to as an IEO, is a fundraising event that is administered by an exchange. Further, investing in an IEO conducted on an offshore trading platform presents additional risks that you should carefully consider. Further, the online trading platform involved in an IEO may also be acting as a brokeror dealer that is required to register with the SEC and become a member of a self-regulatory organization, typically FINRA. The tokens need to be popular even before listing in a public exchange. The company lists a limited number of tokens in a private exchange and sell them. The company can make promotions to invite more potential investors.

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As the company that wants to launch an IEO is using the exchange platform, it has to pay a percentage of the tokens sold during the IEO. Find out as CEO of International Blockchain Consulting, Mario Nawfal, explores the topic and explains why its just too easy to generalize and place all projects under one basket. An IEO is an offering of digital tokens that takes place through exchanges. In this case, the exchange evaluates any projects that are looking to issue digital assets in this manner. initial exchange offering Another potential problem for digital currency exchanges is so-called «flash crashes,» which take place when digital currencies suddenly plummet in value. In 2017, for example, cryptocurrency trading platform GDAX suffered two of these events. If an IEO involves securities, the online trading platform involved may need to register as an exchange and comply with certain regulations. Potential registration requirements under federal securities laws governing offerings an sales of securities.

Why are ICOs banned in US?

So why would ICOs prohibit US citizens from investing? Given that certain ICOs may be viewed as securities – and, without registration with the SEC, be deemed unregistered securities – many have taken the stance to preclude soliciting funding from US citizens for fear of attracting unaccredited investors.

Nevertheless, utility tokens sold on a cryptocurrency exchange provide several advantages to both firms seeking to raise funds and their investors relative to those that are not . IEOs can eliminate scam and suspicious projects from raising funds via cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and it becomes much harder to scam contributors with IEOs. The next important benefit of IEOs is security as the exchange manages the IEO’s smart contracts. With many leading platforms starting to roll out IEO products, there are all indications that the way crypto projects fundraise has evolved. This new model of crowdfunding crypto projects has great potential and could help many token issuers raise funds for their different projects as long as exchanges play their role diligently. However, even though IEO looks like a more credible method compared to the ICO model, always take caution before investing and don’t follow any projects blindly. Once the exchange is satisfied and has accepted the project, they announce the date for the token sale as well as a fixed price per token.

Exchanges will screen the projects and investors based on their parameters before launching on its platform reducing your cost of compliance. IEOs are currently gaining steam, so you can expect to find many of them scattered around different exchange platforms. That’s why finding an IPO that appeals to you isn’t going to be hard. Note that IEOs have a much higher minimum native token holdings than ICOs. The first one is that minimums are going to exclude some potential investor groups.

initial exchange offering

The others who want to participate would have to open an account with the exchange platform that is hosting IEO. STOs are security tokens that are issued and sold to the investors just the way using crowdfunding methods such as ICOs, digital tokens are sold. Security tokens seem to reinvigorate the landscape of the crypto industry. The advent of the Crypto industry brought decentralized and innovative fundraising ways. One of them through Blockchain projects is Initial Coin Offerings . Security tokens are like digital financial securities such as bonds and stocks. Since the first ICO presented by Mastercoin in the year 2013, there are hundreds of ICOs today. The industry is undergoing a notable transition with similar other models such as Security Token Offering and Initial Exchange Offering . For example, in 2017, there were 435 successful ICOs, each raising an average of $12.7 million. So, the total amount raised for 2017 was $5.6 billion, with the 10 largest projects raising 25% of this total.


The exchange also handles the funds as the intermediary platforms. When it comes to running an IEO project, the exchange platform is responsible for managing smart contracts regulations. Companies don’t have to create or manage smart contracts for token sales. Exchanges ensure to vet token issuers carefully to maintain their good reputation. Therefore, it can always eradicate suspicious and scam projects from raising funds through exchange platforms.

initial exchange offering

Therefore, an MVP or some development underway is a must for a project to be listed on the top exchange platforms. Startups looking to issue tokens can be benefited from a streamlined and more straightforward way to launch IEOs on the exchange platform. Though the fundraising organizations have to pay a specific fee to the exchange, the cost to do AML/KYC and other activities are reduced. The reputed exchange platforms always perform due diligent checks on the project and the team supporting it and carefully decide on allowing to launch an . Making crowdfunding more reliable and secure is the major idea behind IEO.


This is like the centralized financial system that we have today. Upon submission, I agree that FXCM may provide me with products, services, promotional offers and educational information by telephone, SMS or email. I understand that I will have the opportunity to opt-out of these communications after sign up. These marketplaces have lost upwards of US$400 million in the first quarter of 2019 alone, according to data provided by security research firm CipherTrace. The rating results published on Cointelligence are based on an independent rating system developed by the Cointelligence team. They do not reflect any official governmental approval or regulatory compliance.

Whether the Initial Exchange Offering is a fad or the new ICO, only time will tell; Binance’s experience shows that the new funding model has good potential and maybe with us for a long time. ThatFetchand BitTorrent IEO’s were sold out within seconds and have gone on to become popular a popular topic on online crypto forums speaks for itself. Exchanges love IEOs since with it comes to an entirely new use case for their platform. Whereas digital exchanges were merely a platform for trading cryptocurrencies, IEOs have brought in a new business model that adds value. After the initial Launchpad, IEOs went under the radar until the recent push by Binance to introduce several cryptocurrencies directly from their platform that has drawn significant interest from crypto investors. The main difference with ICOs is that IEOs don’t hold token sales that are open to the general public. This means, therefore, that only active users of the particular exchange can participate as opposed to ICOs where about anyone can buy coins by sending funds to the host’s address. After the tokens are minted and a funding goal is decided, list them on exchange platforms and start earning a profit. Also, it is the exchange platform that handles the KYC/AML process to meet the legal regulations. As a result, you can always emphasize on the execution of the project rather than focusing on other activities.


Different IEO Launchpads use different currencies, therefore the investor may need to hold more than one currency in the account if they intend to participate in multiple offerings. The funds in the account will be used to purchase the newly minted coins. One example of a new type of investment opportunity is the initial exchange offering , a digital asset similar to the initial coin offering . Both of these raise funds through tokens, coins, and other digital assets. The difference is that ICO investors typically purchased interests from the issuer’s initial sale not on an exchange and then subsequently could trade those interests on secondary exchanges that supported those interests. IEO investors, on the other hand, are typically buying the interests directly on a secondary exchange which is conducting the sale of interests for the issuer and then also enabling secondary transactions on that exchange. In both cases, most of these ICOs or IEOs were conducted through online trading platforms or «exchanges» not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission . In January, the SEC issued an alert warning investors and issuers about some common IEO pitfalls.

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